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Moving day. It is not a day that everyone looks forward to, in fact most don't. Of course going in to a new home in the Portland area can be exciting but the pressure of packing and unpacking and all the possibilities that might occur can overwhelm just about anyone.

Statistic say around forty one million people a year move into new residences, which is quite a large number especially considering the stress that can come from such an experience. But when you have to do it, you have to do it.

In order to make your move as easy and stress free as possible there are a few steps you can take that will help you to make your transition not only more enjoyable, but one where you can do as little work as possible with the best results.

First of all, and as most in Portland are aware, there are moving companies that offer multiple services to aid in your move, and see to it that it is done properly.

Whether you decide to pack your belongings yourself or not, the actual act of moving-loading and unloading-can cause quite a lot of damage if done improperly, not only to your belongings, but to you and the people helping you move.

That is why if you hire a professional moving company, you might just find that you will be able to stop any unnecessary damage from taking place or injury from improper lifting, breakage from boxes being dropped, stacked wrong in the truck as well as loss by loading or unloading any furniture wrong causing it to become scratched or broken, resulting in your having to spend additional monies to buy new furnishings.

Professional Portland movers companies have experienced movers who are mindful of your possessions and are insured, should any accident arise. The driving is done by the local movers company in their truck and all your belongings are loaded onto the truck with care and properly so there will be virtually no risk of damage.

Furniture and large items that you own will be moved according to the correct standards, out of your old home and in to the new one, so that when it arrives and is settled it will be just as it was before you left and the worry of breakage is largely minimized.

There are also correct ways to pack your goods. Any moving company will be happy to help you with tips and ideas to pack your things so that they make the journey safely. Moving companies also offer different packing services, from a complete packing of everything in your home to packing assistance with various "hard to pack" items.

In order to stave off any scratches, dings or other damaging bumps and blows a professional mover will use shrink wrap to secure your items and blankets to keep anything from affecting them whether for moving or for storage.

Moving doesn't have to be as difficult as it is and when the time comes for your next move, do the math, think about it and make sure to contact a professional Portland movers company before you make any decisions.

It's your move, why not make it easier!

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